March 2011

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Maintenance completed

Posted by on 28 Mar 2011 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

Our database is back up now. We’re now running off our shiny new PostgreSQL 9.0 database. It took longer than expected–sorry about that. Turns out pg_upgradecluster is different (and horrifically slower) than pg_upgrade.

All the games that were played last night have been imported into the new DB so the leader board should be accurate at this point.

Database Maintenance Tonight

Posted by on 27 Mar 2011 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

We’re doing some database maintenance tonight so the high scores tables and leader boards aren’t going to work. Any games you play will be recorded and we’ll load them into the database when it comes back up.

Don’t worry about any “internal errors” you see… They should probably say something about the database being down… but they don’t.