We’ve been busy lately. Or, more acurately, we’ve not been busy lately–Green Felt is our “spare time” project. However you look at it, we’ve made a bunch of under the hood and user visible changes lately. I’ll explain them one by one:

  1. We added a new graphic to represent an empty card pile and got rid of the cheesy old-school html table borders. I have to say I’m really happy with the way this turned out. I originally wanted the empty pile to look like a depression in the green felt background, but I was unable to draw it in Illustrator. I’m not much of an artist. I still have hope that my brother Michael will come through with a nice picture. In the mean time I think the dotted outlines look good enough.
  2. We added a little box in the top right that tells you when there are new posts on this blog or in the forum. I don’t like that it takes a long time to load, plus it doesn’t wrap nicely when the window is too small (especially in Internet Explorer for some reason), but I like the functionality. I wish it were quick and built into the static HTML instead of being AJAX.
  3. We added redo support! If you undo too far or decide it was a bad idea to undo you can redo back to where you were. Control-Shift-Z (or Command-Shift-Z for you Mac heads) is the key shortcut for redo. Note that if you undo and then start moving cards around then your redo history is lost.
  4. We moved the Forum to our hosting provider and updated it to the latest version. This is more of a behind the scenes change, but you should notice that the forum is more responsive now that it’s hosted by a provider with a lot of bandwidth and not from my personal cable modem. 🙂 We also added some spam protection which, for the moment, seems to be keeping the spam bots a bay (which may not have been annoying you, but it was making us delete a bunch of stupid spam messages every day).
  5. We also created a new forum just for resolved bugs and moved all the bugs that have been fixed into that forum. That way the bugs forum only lists outstanding/unresolved issues.
  6. It’s not quite done yet, but we’ve done a lot of work on a new game. Suduko! There’s a couple bugs we have to fix and loose ends to tie up, but you can try it out now if you can guess the address. 🙂