Last night we pushed a bunch (literally hundreds) of changes up to the main site. What do they mean for you, the user? Well, you shouldn’t notice anything visually different, but hopefully things will run a little smoother than they used to. The changes were designed to address the hiccups and slowdowns seen from time to time. Whether they actually will remains to be seen.

We’ve already found at least one large bug that slipped past our rigorous (ahem) testing, so be on the lookout for anything weird and make sure you send us a bug report if you do find something wrong.

These changes should ease development for Jim’s and I as well. We’ve been unable to add certain features to the site because of design decisions we made 4 years ago. Even simple things like changing your user name were pretty much impossible because of the way we did things originally. We look forward to being able to add some neat features in the future.