You may have noticed the site was down today for an hour or so. We shuffled some disks around and it required taking down the computer temporarily.

The end goal is to fix the slowness and gateway errors that people have been seeing lately. We’ve basically doubled our popularity in the past 8 months and that is putting some strain on our current computer:

We’re not quite done yet–we still need to do a database upgrade which will be happening sometime in the next few days (our guess is this is going to be a low traffic week). During the database upgrade the site will still basically work but you won’t see any high scores until the upgrade is done.

Addendum (2011/11/24): The database upgrade is done (only took half an hour) and so the maintenance is more or less done for the time being. Let’s give it a week and then let us know if you’re still getting gateway timeouts and slow page loads.