Last night our hosting provider was having work done in the facility where our server is hosted and the power got turned off. We run a very minimal setup here at Green Felt, which means we don’t have backup servers for situations like these. Hence the downtime last night and this morning.

While things were down we decided to take the opportunity to upgrade one of our offsite database backups. Now that the machine is back up we’ll be copying that upgraded data back to the server. During this time the site will be up and games will be playable, but high scores and the leader board will not work. Also logging in and creating users will not work, though if you are currently logged in you should stay logged in. Games will still be saved to our offline queue, and when the DB is back up and running we will write all the games in the offline queue back to the database.

We’re not sure how long the DB copy will take, but lets assume it will be a couple hours.


Edit [1:52 PM]: We’re having trouble with the upgrade so we’re going to bring the DB back up and try again sometime in the future. Everything should be running now.